Our Story

The Buck Weasel of The Wild, Wild West. We are Savannahkins, The Tuff Midget Cat. We originated in Mandan, North Dakota in 2011 when 1 Bombay Munchkin Princess Itzi met a 5th Generation, tall handsome blue Savannah from Texas, named Buck Maker, he had migrated North with the Oil Rush on the Prairies.

The Savannahkins are a 3 cat cross, with DNA from the munchkin(The Midget cat), Savannah(The newest exotic, bloodlines from African) and the Egyptian Mau, With 6000 yrs of documented domestication. The Mau is revered as a god to the Egyptians. Each breed is very unique and exotic, and they were chosen on purpose and precisely for the wonderful traits they would contribute to the Savannahkins, such as the dog like loyalty, from the Savannah, their thick plush soft pelt that sheds very little and their superior hunting skill, the Serval, ancestor to the Savannah, has the highest kill rate of all the big cats and they like water as they are also fisher cats.

The Mau also known as the domestic Cheetah for its ability to run 30 mph and their mesmerizing spots and regal flair.

And lastly but not least the cuter than cute short legs of The Munchkin. These little short high powered legs can out maneuver a long legged any day, they can turn on a dime and bank like a pro. This cat was no accident and has been 15 years in the planning and 8 yrs in the making. Before you bat at me and hiss, at least do your home work and you will see that this little buck weasel is as happy and healthy as any cat alive today. The Savannah F5, not to be confused for an F1 was used in the making of these Savannahkins. Since the cat stepped off the Ark was the last time there was a PURE BREED. And if you think that all cats are made in laboratories, don't write to me with your ignorance. If any of this bothers you please move on, no opinions welcomed. We are now at application for registration stage.