About Savannahkins

Savannahkins are a brand new breed of cat. We are a bit biased and fall into the rebel category, as we have come to learn. Some thought it couldn't be done, some thought it shouldn't be done, but we are learning to color outside the lines.

A Savannahkin is a cross of a Munchkin cat with a Savannah cat. The standard we are breeding for is a short stature cat, like the Munchkin, with the wild, exotic look of the Savannah.

Savannahkins can be described as a playful, intelligent, outgoing, people oriented cat with a sweet nature that loves to be handled. The short legs are caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation in Munchkins that showed up in 1991.

You need a good sense of humor because Savannahkins will put you to the test. With their ferret like movements, a stairway will turn them into a slinky. They cut corners like no cat with long legs, they don't need to duck when running under furniture, and don't let those short legs fool you, you'll find them in the highest of spots.

Savannahkins get along great with other pets and children and need a regular cat diet unless otherwise specified by your veterinarian.

The Savannahkin breed does not have any associated health issues. However, as the breed progresses, more health information will be known. Also, we will ferret out what traits Savannahkins take from the Munchkin and Savannah breeds.

Due to the cross between a Munchkin cat and a Savannah cat, it is normal to get kittens showing the short legs trait and the long legs trait in the same litter. The short legs will be considered standard and long legs non-standard.

More information on traits can be found in the "Savannah Stud" and "Munchkin Queens" sections. Not all traits will show up on every kitten but we will breed for the best traits of each.

Savannahkins are very vocal and use chirping to communicate, and yes they still meow.

This new cross brought with it the wild, exotic, sexy appearance that the Munchkin lacked.

While searching for the cat that's right for you, investigate the Munchkin and Savannah breeds. It may be that the Savannahkin is exactly what you're looking for.