We are Savannahkins, Indigo Cats, the tuff midget cat. Our breeding program began in 2001, our focus was in producing a healthy athletic shorty, with exceptional loving skills. Our breeding includes Munchkin for their short stature, Egyptian Mau for their historical physical athletic ability, who can run at speeds of 30mph and have never forgotten their royal status. In 2008 a Savannah joined our program he brought with him all things wild and exotic, but that wasn't our main goal, which was to bring in uncorrupted DNA, that was not ravaged by bad breeding practices resulting in bad traits and weak DNA, but the Savannah also introduced the dog like personality and independent free thought. He wasn't interested in laying on the couch ignoring life, just waiting for his next bowl fill. He was exploring, performing acrobatic maneuvers, and trying to reach the top peak. The Savannah is very intelligent and interested in all your doing, and wants to be with you. In 2016 we introduced the Bengal to our program to add the crown to our kittens, the introduction of the Asian Leopard genes, added the sweet loving freestyle charm. With a nonshedding fur pelt that feels like velvet. We carry color traits for 9 color coats, including silver, bronze, fawn brown, exotic smoke, warm rich brown, snow, black, blue, and gray. Our patterns are cheetah spotted, leopard rossettes, and marbled. After 18 years we feel our kittens are complete and with more then 200 kittens to date, our families will attest to our sweetness. We love people, dogs, cats, and are accepting of most animals, but they do like to orchestrate the circus. Our families say we are much like potatoe chips, with many multi savannahkin households. We now reside in 6 countries, USA, Canada, Spain, Hawaii, Egypt, and Dubi.We are the original breeders of the tuff midget cat.